Where does linen come from?

Linen is made using the fibres from flax plants. Unlike cotton, the plant can be grown without extra irrigation and pesticides, making it less harmful to the environment. The flax plant works as a carbon capture and a rotation crop, replenishing the nutrients in the soil that other crops may use up. Our linen is grown in Northern Europe, where the natural climate allows dew retting (splitting the fibre from the plant), reducing pollution from the fibre process.

Why do we want to use it?

Linen has so many wonderful properties. Firstly, it is a natural fibre, meaning that there are no plastic microfibres being released during washing. In its natural state, it can also biodegrade back into the soil. 

Linen is also fantastically breathable, keeping you cool in those summer nights and warm in winter. It is one of the strongest fibres in clothing, and gets softer after each wash. It’s incredibly easy to care for and highly durable so will last longer than cotton equivalents.  It really is time to invest in clothing that will last a lifetime.