Our Responsibility

Our Environmental Effect

At Beau Sommeil, we want to make garments using the best sustainable and ethical techniques. We strive to create products with the least impact on the enviroment, and although this is not always completely possible, it is our aim to keep researching and improving our methods to bring you products that you can be confident in. 


We have researched a range of different fabrics and how they affect the environment and we have come to the conclusion that Linen is a wonderful option. Click here to read more about the benefits of our Linen. 

Our Linen comes from a traditional Irish Linen company located in Northern Ireland, where the linen is processed, dyed and finished at their workshops. We love that we can support a UK business and reduce the air miles that the fabric travels to get to us. 

Our Notions and THread

Where possible, we try to source our extra resources from the UK and Europe. 

We stitch our garments using Gutterman rPET thread. This thread is made in Germany, through transforming plastic bottles into recycled polyester thread. We think that this is a great alternative to using polyester or commercially sourced cotton thread as it means that rather than new resources being made, we are using plastic that already exists and giving it a new lease of life!


We are striving to make every part of our products as good for the environment as possible. Our packaging consists of recycled tissue paper from the UK/EU and paper mailing bags made in the UK. All our packaging is recyclable and we hope that you will reuse or recycle it where possible!

Our Labels

Our clothing labels are hand stamped in our workroom on scrap fabrics left over from the cutting process. We believe that this is a better process than ordering pre-printed labels where we cannot confirm their origins.